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Win a copy of The Distraction Agents puzzle game!

Looking to sharpen your mind?

The Entertainment Department is looking for new recruits, and they think YOU might be just what they need. Could you be a distraction agent?

We are looking for people who see the world in a slightly different way. People who notice things other people don’t. And we think it could be you.

The Department is an obscure organization with a contested goal: does it safely bring light relief and moments of intrigue into people’s stressful lives, or is its job to distract us from what’s going on? Actually ?

Part game, part story, part puzzle, part entertainment, The Distraction Agents is perfect for anyone interested in board games, quizzes, role-playing games, urban legends, problem solving, conspiracy theories, detective stories or escape. rooms.

“A great stocking stuffer gift”

-Brit of a Habit of Escape

Can you crack the code?

Can you crack the code?

The Distraction Agents arrive first in the mail, with a challenge box filled with carefully crafted and beautifully crafted prints, all designed (and in some cases hand-drawn) by the art team at Third Angel in Sheffield. An email follows, with links to exclusive online movies of your new fellow Distraction Agents, walking you through tasks and offering support and help to succeed in your quest to become an Agent.

“We found The Distraction Agents to be a great puzzle game, a fun piece of interactive theater that puts brains to work. We think it would make a great last minute Christmas present, something fun to cut down on the downtime during the Christmas holidays.”

-Our opinions on the family

For a chance to win a copy of The Distraction Agents, simply fill in your details below and answer the following question:

Which theater company created The Distraction Agents?

A. Third strap

B. Third angel

C. Santa Claus

If you want to pick up a copy of the game, go to www.thirdangel.co.uk.

Closing date: December 31, 2021

Sorry, this contest is now closed

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