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Wordle has become a fast-growing social media phenomenon with users across the United States

A new fashionable lexical game is occupying the free time of people all over the world.

The online phenomenon, “Wordle”, has gained immense popularity over the past couple of months and has quickly become something users look forward to on a daily basis. The strategic word-guessing game’s journey to notoriety was also a notable achievement, as the idea conceived on the fly has now profited over $1 million.

Wordle consists of a five-letter word that users must attempt to guess in six chances. Every day the word changes. Once you have typed in a legitimate word, one that is acceptable via Wordle’s dictionary, instant feedback will be presented on the screen to determine if it was the correct answer or not.

Social media is often used by players to compare and contrast their respective scores. Since the word is often the same for everyone across the country, publicly stating the answer is an unwritten no-no.

Colors play an important role in Wordle. A letter is in the right place if it is highlighted in green. A yellow highlight means the letter is in the word but is misplaced. If the letter appears gray, it does not exist in the word of the day. The gray words cancel each other out and are shaded with the idea that they would not be used for the rest of the game. If the user cannot guess the word in six tries, the answer is revealed.

For example, if the ideal word is supposed to be “heap” and the player’s first attempt is “nibble”, the “UNCH” will light up green while the “M” will turn gray. The game might be considered complicated by some, but repetition is encouraged by long-time players.

“I just saw that a lot of people were doing it, so I got curious and gave it a try,” said Marko Tanjuavio, a computer science student at Skyline College. “I just started writing random words to see where it goes from there.”

Passionate regulars to the game often have strategies that they’ve learned to master along the way. Some like to make it a point to use their vowels right away while others have pre-planned words that they plug in every day.

Tanjuavio’s go-to seed word is “crate”, which is highly regarded as a go-to option along with crane, sauce, slate, slice, alert, furious, later, tears, and raise.

According to Wordle Stats on Twitter, most puzzles usually average somewhere in the 4/6 range.


The game’s creator is Josh Wardle, a New York-based software developer who originally created the game for laughing and giggling with his partner during the COVID-19 pandemic in January 2021. After exposing the invention to a small circle, he opened it to the public in October 2021.

“It was never the goal, really, to make money,” Wardle told Time magazine. “The goal was to create a game that my partner would like to play.”

Wardle’s creation now has a few million users every day and its success story has been noticed by the New York Times. Almost a year after first developing the mobile game, Wardle cashed in by selling it to the iconic publication for a profit thought to be in the “low seven figures”.

“I didn’t notice any difference in the game,” Tanjuavio said.

According to Statista, just over 20% of Wordle players are between the ages of 18 and 34. The majority of gamers ––– widely considered the average age of mobile gamers ––– are between 35 and 64 years old.