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TIMELIE is a fun stealth puzzle game that could have used a plot — GeekTyrant

timeline is an indie stealth puzzle game from Urnique Studio that recently came to the Nintendo Switch. I was able to play it on Switch and even though the puzzles were very difficult, I found myself demotivated by the lack of story for the game.

This game looks good and plays well. The graphics are very basic but effective in letting you see your goals clearly. It’s easy to tell where the switches you need to activate are, and the controls are easy once you get used to them. I liked how easy it was to move time forward and backward on the switch, it was very easy to pinpoint the exact times you wanted something to happen. Everything translated well on the Switch and I had no issues being able to play the game effectively.

I was a little disappointed with the music in this game. It’s not a bad soundtrack, but it’s so cool that I can play this game without sound and not feel like I’m missing anything thing. I’m glad it’s not downright boring, but something to make it stand out a bit more would have been nice.

My main issue with the game is the lack of real story. We follow a girl who wakes up in a strange dimension, gains time-manipulating powers, and must escape the robots chasing her. Eventually, you get a cat companion that you can also control. But no real explanation is given for anything because there is no dialogue. It would have just been nice to feel motivated to keep playing the game when the puzzles got harder. Like maybe you’re looking for clues as to what’s going on as you escape, or some internal dialogue from the girl that explains any part of what’s going on. If you picked this game just to play puzzles, that won’t be a problem for you, but for me, I like to play story games, so missing one is a problem for me.

Overall, this game wasn’t to my liking, mainly because I really don’t like stealth games. But I can recognize a well-made game when I see one. I give this game a 7/10, while it lacked an interesting story and music, the ease of controls and the challenge of the puzzles were well worth playing for those who enjoy stealth puzzle games.