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The ‘Brain-Tingling’ Word Forward Puzzle Game Is About to Change

The Switch is an ideal system for a bit of mental exercise, with Nintendo’s own Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch (which strangely never reached North America) and the next Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, as well as small download efforts only focused on particular puzzle types. Another one is coming soon for those who like a bit of confusing words.

It is word forward, coming to Switch via Thalamus Digital having been originally created for mobile and PC/Mac by Rocketship Park. It’s racked up millions of players through platforms like Itch.io, Android, and iOS, and looks like an interesting take on the genre – some of its official blurbs are below.

Can you use all the letters in the 5×5 grid to clear words and clear the board? Word Forward isn’t about spelling the longest or smartest words – it’s about using a chess-like strategy to clear every tile and declare victory in 500 puzzles. It takes smarts and cunning – Word Forward is a brain teaser that will really get you thinking!

PLAY the #1 word puzzle game loved by over 6 million people worldwide.

– SPELL words by drawing a line between tiles in any direction, including diagonally
– SWAP two letters on the grid using a SWAP TOKEN, earned during the game
– JUMBLE the tiles on the grid to replace all letters with new ones when all else fails
– CHANGE the letter on a tile to any other letter you choose using the SWAP MODIFIER
– ELIMINATE stubborn tiles with BOMBS to get out of a tight spot

It will be released on December 3 in North America and Europe – its default price will be $4.99 but it’s 50% off on pre-orders.

Let us know in the comments if you’re tempted to grab this one.