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The Gunk is a puzzle game with crafts and heart

Image and shape games have built a reputation as a strong genre exchange developer. Under the Steamworld franchise, they’ve created card-based RPGs, Metroidvanias, and team tactics games. All are confident, understanding the power of their gender while rationalizing it to their essence. dirt is both new and familiar ground for the studio. It is a […]

Puzzle game

G5 Entertainment launches new Jewels of Orient match-3 puzzle game in Canada

In May 2021 , CooTek invested in Lejiu, which created a series of popular games such as “Xian Zui Cang Qiong” (仙 醉 苍穹). Lejiu’s game design style matches CooTek’s online novel and IP business. Based on Lejiu’s core skills and CooTek’s forward-looking strategy, Lejiu will kick off CooTek’s metaverse plan by introducing a semi-open […]

Puzzle game

Puzzle Game Unpacking contains 14,000 sound files for ordinary things

Screenshot: Witch’s Harness / Kotaku Unpacking is more than meets the ears. The chillwave puzzle game, developed by Brisbane-based Witch Beam and released this week for Switch, PC, and Xbox (via Game Pass), apparently has a huge 14,000 individual foley sound effects. No, it’s not a typo. Foley sound effects, for those who don’t know, […]

Puzzle game

‘CSI’ returns with puzzle game and clues ahead of CBS debut

Before the characters of CBS’s venerable “CSI” return to solve murders and mysteries, fans of the show can get a head start. For two weeks before the launch of the ten-episode “CSI: Vegas” series, CBS will be releasing clues about a new case daily on social media, on its airwaves and on other networks owned […]

Puzzle game

5 years later, I’m still looking for a puzzle game as good as Witness

Have you ever played a game that you just can’t stop thinking about? Even when you put the controller down and step away from the screen, it seems to follow you everywhere. You find yourself talking about it in a conversation, excited when you find out that someone else is playing it. And when you […]

Puzzle clue

Players finally get to know the Destiny 2 two-year puzzle clue

Screenshot: Bungie Destiny 2Rasputin Chamber Puzzle’s Alternative Reality Game (ARG) was discovered in 2018, and part of it baffled players so much that they had to brutally force the solution, solving the puzzle in just a few days but without any fully understand all the parts. That is to say until last week. The puzzle […]