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Switch Jigsaw Puzzle Game uses photos of Ukraine to raise relief funds

A new casual puzzle game called Beautiful Ukraine has been released on Switch and will donate all proceeds to Ukrainian relief groups.

Support for Ukraine in the gaming world continues with the release of the Switch game Beautiful Ukraine, which is used to raise funds for Ukrainian aid. The developers of this title join other gaming organizations like itch.io in donating to Ukrainian aid through video game sales.

Since Russia began its campaign against Ukraine, the gaming community has rallied together to support the victims of this conflict. Several major companies, including Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, have halted all sales of physical and digital products in Russia, following in the footsteps of other organizations that have worked to isolate the country. Ukrainian game studios like GSC Game World and Frogwares have also spoken out against the Russian invasion while opening up about the struggles and realities of life during the conflict. Many companies have gone the extra mile to support Ukraine, donating hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars to humanitarian groups in the region.


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Major companies like CD Projekt Red have donated to Ukraine, but smaller companies are also working to support war victims. Two such companies are QubicGames and naptime games, which recently released Beautiful Ukraine on the Nintendo Online Store. The game is described as a relaxing puzzle game designed with the aim of spreading Ukrainian pride by depicting beautiful or iconic parts of the country. the Beautiful Ukraine The description also notes that all proceeds from purchases of the game will go to various humanitarian groups.

Beautiful image of the Ukrainian product

Besides being a great way to support the victims of the war in Ukraine, Beautiful Ukraine seems like a solid pick for fans of casual puzzle games on the Switch. Nintendo’s handheld console offers a number of relaxing gaming experiences, so a puzzle that represents Ukrainian culture and pride should fit in well with the rest of the device’s library. The Pokémon Company only donated $200,000 to Ukrainian relief efforts last month, so it’s good to see other developers taking similar action on Nintendo’s console.

The conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing, but so is the humanitarian support from game developers like Qubic and Siesta Games. Gaming fundraisers like this can provide consumers with fun and satisfying content, while supporting an important and meaningful cause. For gamers interested in helping out Ukraine, or even those just interested in casual puzzle games, Beautiful Ukraine it might be worth a look.

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