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Sunday Puzzle: Play the long game (vowel)

On-Air Challenge: Think of a sentence made up of two words. Each word has two syllables. The first syllable has a long E vowel sound. Change that to a long A sound and phonetically you’ll get the second word of the sentence.

Example: Jewish roll for a dog with long ears –> BEAGLE BAGEL

1. Aesop’s Weak History

2. He who despises the stoves

3. What an Angel Wears in the Biggest City on the Big Island of Hawaii

4. More fashionable member of a more stylish salt or pepper holder

5. Standard feature of church spires

The rest of the answers work the same way except in reverse. The first syllable of the first word has a long A vowel sound. Change that to a long E sound and phonetically you’ll get the second word of the sentence.

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6. Oakland Football Player Who Loves Books

7. Usher for half-man/half-goat creatures

8. Those who work alongside the Pontiff

9. The one that is a better welcome

Last week’s challenge:This challenge came from listener David Chapus from Rush, NY Think 6-letter transportation on wheels. Drop the first letter. Add a new letter at the end. The result will be another 6-letter transport on wheels. What means of transport are these?

Answer to the challenge: Covered wagon, ox cart

Winner:Cory Sureck from Austin, TX

This week’s challenge:Name a 13-letter profession that is associated with a particular 5-letter country. The letters of that country appear in order from left to right, but not consecutively, in the name of that profession. What is that?

Hint: Profession is one word.

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