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Sphaze: This Ingenious Puzzle Game Takes Up My Free Time

Currently, you can get the Sphaze puzzle game for free, both for Android and iOS. It’s perfect for our free time, because you can easily disconnect for a few minutes from your daily routine. NextPit gives you a brief introduction to this relaxing and visually appealing mobile game!


  • Sphaze typically costs $2.49 for Android and $0.99 for iOS.
  • Mobile game with the highest rating: 4.3 stars on Google Play, even 4.8 stars on the App Store.
  • No advertising, but in-app purchases possible.

Yesterday, Camila Rinaldi brought your attention to the subject of mindfulness. I also know those moments when everything becomes too much for me and when I have an urgent need to disconnect. I often achieve this when playing a scary casual game. Puzzle games like Spaze also relax me. Let’s see why this currently free game might also be of interest to you.

Why is Spaze worth downloading?

I have already answered the question for me above: because such games relax me and help me escape from everyday life for a few hours minutes. This might seem a bit counterintuitive for puzzle games like Sphaze, as the tasks get quite tricky as the levels increase. But this kind of puzzle calms me down – even more so when implemented in such a pleasantly spooky way as in Sphaze.

The goal is to move a small robot from A to B. You do this by moving the robot. To do this, turn the rings accordingly. Alright, it’s probably a lot easier if you watch the video below. The gameplay is really simple!

But make no mistake, because it’s as so often with games like this: easy to learn, but hard to master! The idea of ​​the game is therefore simple and the robot also explains the game very clearly to you in your language. But in the higher levels you really start to wonder how to get the tin buddy to the point.

You can buy spare parts through the in-app purchase. You then exchange them for clues to solve the levels. But you can of course do without it – and continue longer if necessary.

Even if the principle of the game is simple, it is visually very nicely implemented. The levels are beautifully designed and also have very relaxing background music. I also like the idea of ​​placing the puzzles in this science fiction context. It’s all very cohesive and fun.

Is it safe to download Spaze?

The game is also suitable for children, there is no age limit. The game is also ad-free, but there are in-app purchases already mentioned. the privacy policy of Developer Subpixels is very general and not specifically formulated for this game and both iOS and Android platforms. Among other things, it refers to the fact that certain personal data could be transmitted to Subpixels via third parties.

It’s also worth mentioning that the privacy policy link only works in the Apple App Store – the Google Play link doesn’t lead anywhere. I also asked the privacy verification platform Exodus about Spaze. Result: 4 trackers and 9 permissions were observed, but without any anomalies.

Crispy puzzles driving you crazy? So stay away from this game. Everyone else can play without hesitation. Enjoy!