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Resident Evil’s inventory system makes for a great puzzle game

Marie Kondo excitedly holds a rocket launcher and green grass in front of the Resident Evil 4 briefcase.

This briefcase stirs joy.
Photo: Capcom/Kotaku/Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

Resident Evil 4 has stood the test of time as one of the most iconic survival horror games. Although you can attribute his accolades to his enigmatic merchant, Ashley’s Banshee Screamsor Leon’s casual attitudeperhaps the quintessence RE4 experience is methodically Tetris-ing your weapons and equipment gathered to fit your faithful briefcaselimited limits based on the grid. If you also like RE4 inventory mix, someone has finally created a puzzle game for you.

Save Room – Organization Puzzle, developed by Fractal Projects, is a puzzle game in which you try to fit health items, weapons, and the occasional egg into 40 space-constrained puzzle grids of different layouts.

If you fumbled with items while playing RE4, despite its many reissues, Backup roomGameplay is pretty much that, but with the added emphasis on increasingly complex grid designs where you have to rotate and place your elements.

A screenshot of the final level of Save Room - Organization Puzzle filled with guns, herbs and eggs to organize into a grid.

Leon has deep pockets, that’s for sure.
Screenshot: Fractal Projects

Save room the minimalist puzzle game gets complicated around its 20th level, when it injects more advanced RE4 Briefcase mechanics like combining herbs and gunpowder to craft health items and ammo (which take up less space) as well as throwing food at you to organize. This is where foreknowledge of what gunpowder combo creates what ammo, how much ammo each weapon carries (so you can store it inside the weapon, saving crucial grid space ), as well as the game’s health mechanic come into play.

For example, you can’t use healing items if you’re at full health, so Rotten Food becomes a necessary delicacy to lower your health so you can then consume the right combination of health items, in the ideal order, to recover both your health and eliminate the elements of your queue. Some ammo can also reload multiple weapons, such as the killer7 (renamed “Killer6”, here) at broken butterfly (renamed “Fixed Butterfly”). It led to a series of trial and error, bringing me back half-forgotten RE4 knowledge of ammunition capacities to help decide which guns should be reloaded first.

While Save Room – Organization Puzzle could have been satisfied with its inspired concept, it goes even further with a soothing musical loop that remember REGARDING‘s wonderful safes and chunky sound effects that make moving objects feel satisfying. That made Marie Kondo-ing RE4Style items a surprisingly relaxing experience and are worth the sub $2 asking price. My only wish is for Fractal Projects to create more levels so I can stretch those particular mental muscles more before someone remasters RE4 Again.