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Relicta puzzle game free until January 27

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Relicta brings physics puzzles including gravity and magnetism

© Run / large polygonEpic Games Store: Relicta puzzle game free until January 27

a Epic Games Store Free offer Game abandoned, a puzzle game whose main challenge is physical elements such as gravity and magnetism. Players can get the game for free between January 20 and January 27 at 1:00 PM PT.

Relicta is a puzzle game that emphasizes puzzles involving gravity and magnetism, in which you can explore the storyline to advance with these two properties of physics at your leisure using special gloves.

In addition, the quality of the game’s graphics is very high and provides important details to understand the story and move from one challenge to another. It is also important to be careful to find clues to the investigation of the Relicta anomaly – the main reason for exploration.

How to trade Relicta for free

To use the free game, an Epic Games Store account is required. Create one on the official website or sign in with your account, go to the Store tab and scroll down to find the Free Games tab and select abandonedAdd it to your cart and complete your purchase with a 100% discount.