Puzzle game

Puzzle game Superliminal is getting a battle royale mode, because why not

The battle royale trend is everywhere these days, and I guess it was about time that Superliminal should get one too. Except not really, because Superliminal is a puzzle game where you solve puzzles by moving objects and playing with the perspective of the camera. It doesn’t quite scream battle royale, but developer Pillow Castle gets points for its creativity. It will be interesting to see how Superliminal works as a battle royale game, now that an update has provided it as an additional game mode.

The update will be free for all players who already own Superliminal. The new Battle Royale mode is coming close to the game’s first anniversary, making it something of a gift for all players. If you like battle royales, anyway. Sadly, there won’t be hundreds of players wandering around a psychiatric map trying to solve trippy puzzles. The number is rather limited to 12 players who will race through trippy obstacle courses instead.

A new kind of battle royale

SuperliminalThe battle royale will pit players against each other in randomly generated rooms full of unique obstacles. Standard orientation protocol is always watching you while you play, so make sure you’re on top of your game while beating your friends. If your friends slap you stupidly in FPS battle royales, surely you could slap them in a battle of wits.

The mode is now available for all players and should work for a limited time. Developer Pillow Castle hasn’t given an exact date on how long it plans to run the new mode. However, he wants to make it work during the holiday season. Superliminal is available on Steam with a 50% discount until November 12 for 9.99 USD. This big discount is on the anniversary of the game. Be sure to jump at the chance to exercise your brain.