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Nonogram is a logical picture number puzzle. Solving logical number puzzles can reveal mysterious pixel images. Collect images on various themes to enrich the gallery. Train your brain and challenge over 10,000 picture cross puzzles now!

Nonogram, also known as Griddlers, Picture Cross Puzzle, Jigsaw Puzzle, Pixel Puzzle and so on, is a logical puzzle. You just need to follow the basic rules and digital logic to experience pixel art pictures. The numbers above and to the left of the grid are clues for the nonogram puzzles. The number means the number of squares to color in each row or column. You can also mark the square with X.

To solve the puzzles of the nonogram, you must follow these rules:
– The numbers above the table are indices for the column
– The numbers to the left of the table are indices on the row
– Press the bottom button to toggle between fill and X
– Each number represents the number of consecutive squares
– If there is more than one number, there must be at least one white square between each contiguous consecutive square

Enjoy nonogram number puzzles and train your brain now!

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