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Onomatopeya Announced – Japanese Onomatopoeia Store Management Puzzle Game

Studio Pomidori, a developer based in Sardinia, Italy, announced Onomatopoeia, a shop management puzzle game about Japanese onomatopoeias. It will be launched in 2022. The platforms have not yet been announced.

Here’s a preview of the game, via Studio Pomidori:


Onomatopoeia is a puzzle game where you will discover the fun side of Japanese onomatopoeia while managing a strange little shop. You play as Corto, the new part-time clerk, and your job is to find a match with quirky customer demands. Here’s the catch: they’re looking for something that matches a certain onomatopoeia! Take a tour of the store and play with all the items there, you will surely find something! And if you don’t know Japanese onomatopoeia, don’t worry! Everyone in town will be happy to give you a hint. Onomatopeya is a game for all ages, accessible to both Japanese and non-Japanese. For non-Japanese speakers, he will have all the tips and information to give them an introduction to the unusual world of Japanese onomatopoeias.

Main characteristics

  • Discover Japanese onomatopoeias by running a strange little boutique in Onomatopoeia!
  • With over 30 Japanese onomatopoeias and over 100 items you can play with.
  • Meet over 10 original characters.
  • Suitable for all ages and both Japanese and non-Japanese speakers.
  • Explore a small shop full of curiosities, in a beautiful hand drawn style.
  • Featuring the music and sound design of Alessandro Corona, known for his fine work in Mutation.

Take a look at the first images below (36:38 to 37:58). See the first screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.