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Minecraft Data Pack Adds Classic 2048 Puzzle Game

Using a data pack and a texture pack, one Minecraft player managed to create a working version of the classic 2048 puzzle game.

Thanks to a specific data pack, Minecraft players can now play an in-game game; and this time it’s the classic puzzle title 2048. Creation of playable mini-games – like chess – in Minecraft Nothing new to the creative gaming community, and the implementation of mods and data packs has allowed the possibilities to expand more than ever.

While Minecraft is best known for its creations across the world, many gamers test themselves by focusing on function more than anything else. What these constructions lack in scale is usually made up for by ingenuity and intelligence. Occasionally, however, functionality and scale intermingle – allowing ambitious individuals to build the likes of a job. Minecraft volcano that not only emits smoke, but also erupts. But there are ideas that even Minecraft won’t allow it without the help of mods or other add-ons, and integrating other existing games into the sandbox simulator is one such achievement.


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Reddit user OnixST recently shared their process for implementing the puzzle game 2048 in Minecraft “vanilla” using a data pack and a texture pack, both of which have a download link in the comments for any creator who wants to try it out for themselves. According to the redditor, it took some time and many commands to get this version of 2048 to function properly. Many reviewers praised the work of OnixST, although they also took the time to criticize the builder’s playstyle on their new creation. OnixST responded to one of these comments by saying that they are “good for making games, not for playing it. “

Even though mods have broadened the possibilities of functional builds, some creators seem to want to use as little as possible. A player recently managed to build a Dance Dance Revolution machine that keeps the score, and the whole build manages to run without the use of commands. Redstone often plays a big role in these builds, but it always has the downside of delaying the game due to its complexity.

MinecraftThe capabilities of continues to expand thanks in large part to a player base that grows more engaged as the title evolves. The scale alone isn’t as impressive as it used to be in the game. The details, whether functional or not, play a key role in creating something that truly stands out from the rest of the community. creative. As gaming technology continues to improve, the variety and detail of Minecraft built.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

Source: OnixST / Reddit

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