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Merge Witches-Fun Puzzle Game by GAMEGZZ NET

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Then “Merge Witches” will surely be an excellent target for you!

There was a peaceful and mysterious sky city, where pretty witches lived a quiet life. However, one day, the evil monsters discovered the Sky City. The monsters destroyed their home and their quiet life, and took away their honor. Since then, black smog has cast a shadow over the city from the sky.
There are legends that say that you, our players, who are the smartest and bravest masters, will keep the grip of the witches to merge intelligently, associate intelligently, solve puzzles intelligently, design the house intelligently, defeat the monsters with fusion magic and use fusion magic to bring back honor and build calm life in sky city.

To achieve the goal, you must first collect more cute creatures to help you get more power to scatter black smog and design your house in this fusion puzzle game! Baby witches like to sleep and can’t even do so much work so you have to solve fusion puzzles to collect, hatch and fuse witches to make them stronger and they won’t sleep very long and help you get magic. better rewards.
In addition to cute creatures, there are even many types of objects that can be used with fusion magic, such as movable flowers, movable trees, movable grass, movable shrubs, even movable buildings, etc. . Each time the object is merged, the object will be updated and better. When a target object is fused multiple times, it will become like a glowing fantasy. As the objects are all moveable, you can use your merge magic to collect and uncover more and more of them and move them anywhere to reach your target – design a house and build a calm life in this puzzle game. merger.
There are also many cute animals. Complete orders of target cute animals and you will get special rewards.
Explore level maps full of puzzles. Swipe, merge and match level cards to solve merge puzzles and bring back rewards to your town!

When puzzle game meets fusion magic, do you have the confidence to challenge and become one of the best masters and legends?
Are you ready to enjoy Merge Witches? Discover and collect cuter creatures, discover and collect more beautiful items, merge and match to solve puzzles, design a house and build a calm life. It’s time to challenge yourself and enjoy the most addictive fusion magic!

Witch Fusion Features:
● Use fusion magic to create all things
● More than 200 creatures can be merged, hatched, collected
● Over 300 super fun puzzle levels can be beaten to earn rewards
● More than 400 fantastic objects can be merged
● Over 600 bonus quests can be completed to earn rewards
● Special events are waiting for you to challenge!

Download one of the best merge games, puzzle games, free games, girl games now! Design and enjoy your new world!

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