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Merge Dragons update adds home decoration with puzzle game trick

Zynga Mobile Puzzle Adventure Game Merge Dragons! has received a new Dragon Homes update, allowing players to decorate their residences.

The publisher of the popular FarmCity mobile games, Zynga Inc, has launched an enchanting new update for the fusion puzzle game Merge the dragons! which adds decoration to the home with a confusing touch. Merge the dragons! is a so-called puzzle adventure game that requires players to heal a magical land by solving fusion puzzles and collecting dragons, which can then be bred in player camps. The play formula allows players to merge items into sets of 3 or 5 to create higher order items and dragons to improve the aforementioned camps.

Zynga revealed Merge Dragons! ‘S The latest update for Dragon Homes is live today, September 29. This new content bundle features new items, mechanics, and customization, allowing players to unlock and decorate their dragon’s residence with a range of themed items and furniture. Decorations are separated into three categories: Kala, Retro, and Rustic, with each set including five different item chains with varying levels of rarity. More coins can be unlocked, and a new form of in-game currency called “Dust” can be collected or acquired by selling furniture. This in-game currency can then be used to purchase crates filled with new customization items and furniture.


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Although focusing and working on several puzzle games like Merge the dragons!, Zynga’s next major mobile title is the licensed arena fighting game, Star Wars: Hunters, which is slated for release for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch in 2022. Until then, players can download Merge the dragons! on the Apple App Store or Google Player and see for yourself the new update to the interior design of the game.

Merge the dragons

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Merge the dragons! is available on iOS and Android.