Puzzle game

Hint: This is the latest update of a puzzle game that adds its most difficult level yet.

“You’re Not You” is the type of phrase that really leaves you in awe, which makes it the perfect title for Hint: It’s a Puzzle Game’s whole new level of functionality.

Co-designed by one of Hint’s most savvy players as a reward for beating the game and uncovering its hidden end, the new bonus level promises to be the most unique and challenging yet; quite a feat for a game that already stands out as one of the most unconventional puzzle titles to ever come out on mobile.

From its chill-free visuals to its absolutely free setup (there are no ads or micro-transactions present in the game), Hint: It’s a Puzzle Game is meant to be unlike any puzzle games you’ve played. before, and it is not more obvious than in its level design where the determination of the objective is part of the puzzle itself. For example, have you ever wondered what it would be like to tackle a game where your cursor appears to have turned MIA? Or tried to walk through a labyrinth where the walls don’t behave as you might expect? With Hint, there’s no room for compliance, and it’s exactly those kind of ready-made puzzles you’ll need to be prepared for as you tackle each of its 27 unique and challenging levels.

Hint offers mental jamming fun for veteran players, but is also manageable for newbies thanks to its built-in hint system. The clues aren’t always straightforward or straightforward, so you’ll always need to earn these level gains, which you can try out right now by downloading Hint: It’s a Puzzle Game from the Google Play Store.