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Head Over Heels Isometric Puzzle Game From 1987 Now Available On Switch

QUByte Interactive and Piko Interactive have teamed up to bring Crazy in Love switch. The game is an isometric puzzle game originally released on 8-bit personal computers in 1987. The game features two characters, Head and Heels, who have been locked inside a disturbing castle. Players will have to use each character and their special abilities to solve puzzles to escape their imprisonment. If that sounds interesting to you, take a look at the trailer below:

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect if you drop out. Crazy in Love on Switch:

Head Over Heels is a classic reimagined with gorgeous high resolution pixel art and great soundtrack!

Head over Heels is an isometric puzzle / platform game with two playable characters who have been captured, separated and imprisoned in the castle, Head and Heels.

Head can shoot enemies to solve puzzles, as long as he has collected enough donut ammo to do so, and jump higher than Heels, it’s much faster and at the start of the game he has the ability to carry a single object on a single screen.

The player will have to use and combine all his powers to get them both out of the castle and solve all the puzzles that await him.

Available now on the eShop for just $ 3.99, you don’t risk much if you decide to roll the dice on this one. Are you interested in entering Crazy in Love on Switch? Do you have any experience with the original? Let us know in the comment section below.

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