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G5 Entertainment launches new Jewels of Orient match-3 puzzle game in Canada

In May 2021 , CooTek invested in Lejiu, which created a series of popular games such as “Xian Zui Cang Qiong” (仙 醉 苍穹). Lejiu’s game design style matches CooTek’s online novel and IP business. Based on Lejiu’s core skills and CooTek’s forward-looking strategy, Lejiu will kick off CooTek’s metaverse plan by introducing a semi-open virtual adventure game (AVG) targeting women. AVG offers users a immersive experience, allowing users to interact with other players in an exotic and multidimensional world, while single-player mode is also available to users. Before Metaverse-related material becomes widespread, this game can rack up a lot of core Metaverse users. Given his rich background in 3D game development, Lejiu will be a key contributor to the creation of the CooTek metaverse.

While exploring the game-based metaverse, female gamers tend to build their virtual lives by making friends and having business transactions, which largely overlap with their real-world experience. For example, users can upload their own artwork as a home decoration, which will be redeemed as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the game. For players who have a large fan base, they can earn money. real by developing goods and products in co-branding with other merchants. As female audiences are generally more inclined to share, express themselves, and shop, the diverse set of storylines will be created based on those needs in the Metaverse. As in the real world, women will likely have more business potential in the virtual world.

The female game market: the right people, in the right place, at the right time

The company believes targeting the female market is a smart move in the first step of building the metaverse. Data showed that there are currently 1.2 billion female gamers worldwide, representing 45% of the market. In fact, the era when games were mostly dominated by male players has changed. With PC games gradually being replaced by mobile games, female users have grown significantly year on year, occupying almost half of the entire market. Many competitive and role-playing games that are popular with female users are now at the top of the game charts. For a long time, female audiences have relied on novels or online television series to meet their emotional, recreational and social needs. With the emergence of mobile games suitable for beginners, more and more women have turned to mobile games as their main entertainment. Therefore, the timing couldn’t be better for CooTek to create a female-centric metaverse.

CooTek’s competitive advantages in literature and online games also played a significant role in the creation of the metaverse. In the field of mobile games, CooTek has focused on the causal games market while producing dozens of products. This allows the Company to take full advantage of its strength in terms of resource reuse, localization, optimization and ROI growth. Among the wide range of light and fast mobile games developed by the studios invested by CooTek, several dress up games aimed at women, such as Catwalk Beauty and Truth Runner, have become global hits. The company has built a strong female player base around the world and has developed a unique understanding of games for women. At the same time, the rich content and adventure scenarios offered by CooTek’s online literature platform will attract more female users’ attention. The combination of flexible gameplays and intriguing storylines will maximize the company’s solid benefits.

Some recent market events have shown that the female-centric metaverse is heating up. Backed by its unique advantages and market success stories, CooTek’s female-focused metaverse will open up a whole new world of possibilities and imagination.

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