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JUJUTSU KAISEN Online Puzzle Game – Escape the Cursed Spirit of Abandoned School Physical Game Kit

Japanese game publisher SCRAP has announced the official English launch of the JUJUTSU KAISEN Online Puzzle Game – Escape from the cursed spirit of the abandoned school hybrid pen and paper/online game. The hybrid game consists of a physical game kit available now for $29.99 as well as an online component accessible to multiple players with their own individual kits. The kit includes access to an exclusive online story with a full dub featuring the TV anime’s Japanese voice cast with English subtitles. SCRAP describes the game:

You are a student of Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. Your skill as a Jujutsu wizard is the ability to use cursed techniques over long distances. But in exchange for this power, you cannot leave your home – a student who has been enrolled in name only.

One day, news of ordinary people missing one after another from an abandoned school reaches your high school. Investigations confirm that it is the work of a cursed spirit. You receive a letter from your teacher, Satoru Gojo, who also happens to be the most powerful jujutsu wizard in the world.

“It was decided that the first year students would be in charge of the incidents of disappearances from the abandoned school. Your help is absolutely vital in this matter. We’re counting on you!”

You use the contact information you received from Gojo to get in touch with the other 3 freshmen there. Cooperate with them to uncover the truth behind the case and exorcise the cursed spirit of the abandoned school!

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