Puzzle game

Circulous is the new puzzle game from one of Apple’s favorite teenage developers

Update: circular launched in the App Store today, priced at $ 4.99.

Do you like point-and-click adventures? Do you like escape room puzzles? Then you will love circular – at least its 16-year-old creator, Brayden Gogis, hopes so.

If your answer to a teenager making an iOS game is “how good could that really be?” The answer is damn good. Gogis has been developing games for iOS for several years, and his previous titles have won him kudos from Cupertino himself. Apple even called him “high school puzzle master.” circular is the title he’s most proud of. Check out a trailer below.

circular is a sort of successor to my previous game, The company“said Gogis Mac Cult. “If someone had played The company Game and enjoyed my unique style of puzzles, mixed with an interesting story and a bit of humor, it makes everything up to 11. Environment-based puzzles are inspired by games like Bedroom Where Rusty lake – but the phone puzzles are more similar to The guides Where Black Boxstyle puzzles.

An interesting game dynamic

In circular, you play as a character who must solve “one of the most evil scientific scandals in the world”. It’s an episodic mystery narrative puzzle, combining corporate espionage, conspiracy theories, and moral dilemmas, along with more conventional puzzles.

“You can switch between the character environment and the character device – phone on iOS, laptop on iPadOS,” Gogis explained. “It’s especially unique on the iPhone when you rotate your phone to switch to the character’s phone. It’s basically an escape room-style puzzle game. You have to use physical and number clues to solve problems. puzzles and advance in the story.

You play as the unlikely name Amanda Trouser who has just been hired as a cybersecurity specialist at a leading biotech company. It’s your job to investigate a series of data breaches and hacks. Inevitably, things are not quite what they appear to be.

Gogis said he had started working on circular at the start of this year. “I plan to have monthly content updates to keep people playing and the story unfolding one chapter at a time,” he said.

It won’t arrive in the App Store until August 13. However, pre-order it today for $ 3.99. Then you can forget about it for the next two months until it goes live. After that, get ready to dive in and start solving puzzles. While supporting an aspiring game developer in the process.