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Carto is a sweet puzzle game which is simple yet difficult

Carto’s unique map modification mechanics deliver engaging and challenging puzzles in a smooth and diverse world.

Sunhead Games ” Carto is a new card-manipulating puzzle adventure title that takes a unique approach to the genre. He follows a young girl, Carto, who is estranged from her grandmother during a storm and must find her way back to their airship using her mapping skills. Along the way, she encounters a mysterious world full of unusual characters and tasks to accomplish on her journey.

To explore the world, you will have to pick up, place and manipulate different parts of the map. By putting new pieces on the grid (or moving the ones already there), Carto can travel to new areas and complete objectives, which brings her one step closer to reuniting with her family. Beyond its simple premise, Carto is a sweet and relaxing indie game that will get you thinking.

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Carto is incredibly simple and challenging at the same time. For one thing, there aren’t any combat or platform challenges that require players to have perfect timing and coordination. There is rarely anything particularly painful or dangerous to come across, and even the big brown bear just wants a hug. But while players may not encounter a tough boss battle or a hard-to-time jump, CartoThe puzzles feature many challenges that must be overcome using logic and following environmental clues.

In a sense, CartoThe card is just as much a character as any person or animal you will encounter. You can move pieces just about anywhere; the only restriction is that different environments (like forests, plains and oceans) and paths must line up.

Carto is not a game that holds your hand and tells you exactly where you need to go next. A character may tell you that what you are looking for is, say, in the center of a forest. From there, it’s up to you to determine what you need to move and rotate the map pieces so that the sections of the forest all surround some empty space. Once done, the empty space will become a new piece of map containing what you need.

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This lack of guidance can be frustrating at times, especially if you don’t play an entire chapter in one sitting. If you’re not careful, you’ll likely find yourself spinning the same piece of the map, wandering the world trying to shake things up, or looking for a clue you may have missed.

It doesn’t mean that Carto is badly designed anyway. The game is full of environmental clues and subtle tricks, and part of the challenge (and the fun) is learning how to seek them out and complete them. It also makes puzzle solving incredibly rewarding. Even if you have a hard time with a particular section, after finding it, you will probably understand what you should have done from the start. You might realize after the fact that what looked like a throwaway line from an NPC was actually the solution from the start, a good reminder to be careful in the future.

Still, there were a few puzzles, especially in the second half of the game, that could have used some additional clues and maybe even a bit of advice for puzzled players. There are a few late-game challenges where players will probably figure out pretty quickly that the game wants them to manipulate the map in a certain way or create a specific pattern; However, with little guidance on how to achieve this with what they received, it will take some time to solve the puzzle. For players who like to get lost in puzzles and solve them on their own, this is great, but other players may find it more frustrating than fun.

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There are ups and downs to the hands-off approach, but one of the bright spots is that it makes the world more immersive. While CartoThe exploration and puzzle-based gameplay of is really the star here, the charming and quirky world of the game also deserves attention. Its art style and music are calming and sweet, and each of the game’s chapters takes place in a different biome with its own culture and characters. As bizarre as some parts of this world are, Carto’s interactions with the people she meets, helps, and befriends on her journey bring it all to life.

Globally, Carto offers a charming and adorable adventure with puzzles like no other. It’s the kind of game that gets you thinking, preferring to use environmental hints and tips rather than giving explicit instructions on where to go and what to do next. This approach can be frustrating at times, but with so many ways to play with it Cartoof the map, players will eventually be able to find the solution they are looking for. And it’s a great feeling when you do it.

Carto will be available October 27 on Steam, the Humble Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A revision copy has been provided by the publisher.

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