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A dark puzzle game that needs more direction

The puzzles in Creepy Tale 2 can get convoluted at times, but the bigger problem is the level inconsistencies that distract from the interesting story.

Scary tale 2 is a dark and disturbing game developed and published by Creepy Brothers. The artistic style creates a strange and tense atmosphere which is reinforced by an equally disturbing family history similar to the end of Tormented souls. Players take control of Lars as he attempts to save his little sister from the evil spirit that possesses her. Along the way, Lars will learn more about the evil he is fighting, and in the end, he will have to make an important decision.

Similar to the riddles of the first Scary tale game, each level of Scary tale 2 presents a new mystery or a series of puzzles of varying complexity and solvency. Players will have to complete tasks such as figuring out how to defeat the cannibals and save the children they plan to eat, or fend off the monsters as they cross the river in a small wooden boat. Unfortunately, the inconsistencies between levels and the lack of direction in solving these puzzles distract from the story and hamper player progress in the game. Scary tale 2.


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Players will likely spend a lot of time clicking the map and trying to interact with anything they can approach. There is little to no direction to solving puzzles other than Lars’ vague repeatable lines of dialogue. Items that can be picked up or viewed will only appear if Lars is standing in the right place and the interaction area is very small. In areas like the Cathedral Level, Lars will need to memorize long stretches or clues that may require players to spend time moving back and forth.

Alternatively, players can go through the levels with a mixture of trial and error and brute force. This may become the preferable option in areas like the owl lair. This level requires players to go back and forth through doors with associated symbols while avoiding the many owls that patrol the area. They have to find a small, barely noticeable file that is used to collect gems from different walls. The inability to see the full map makes it difficult to determine which doors to use unless players memorize where each symbol is, and finding the file is a challenge in itself.

Much of the gameplay in Scary tale 2 ends up being convoluted. Unlike puzzles in games like little nightmares 2 which give players a feeling of satisfaction, Scary tale 2 the levels will likely leave players relieved with a hint of trepidation for what lies ahead. Some levels are as simple as using a lantern to drive monsters away from Lars’ boat, while others have players running around looking for a clue of what they’re supposed to do. These glitches draw attention to the story, which is actually quite interesting, but not enough to make up for the game’s glitches.

Scary tale 2 offers players a difficult adventure that can be frustrating at times. The levels are all designed to test the player’s mind and patience, but the difficulty level fluctuates, which interrupts the flow of the game as a whole. Although it can be difficult to pay attention to it, the story is actually quite important, as the players will decide the end of the game. However, the ending is very abrupt and does not offer a suitable reward for the fight. to succeed. Scary tale 2 would benefit from something similar to MO: Astray’s mix of horror and puzzle stories, and as it stands, all but the most dedicated horror and puzzle fans will want to give a pass to this one.

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Scary tale 2 is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC. Screen Rant has been given a Nintendo Switch digital download code for the purposes of this review.

Our assessment:

2.5 out of 5 (Fairly good)

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