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‘Lemmings’ documentary will explore 30 years of iconic puzzle game

Remember lemmings? The adorable green-haired creatures with an insatiable thirst for self-destruction? Despite their best attempts to die young, they are on the verge of turning 30 – and we get a documentary to celebrate. lemmings helped define a generation of video games. His unique combination of puzzles, creative problem solving, and time management made […]

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Every free puzzle game on Nintendo Switch, ranked

The puzzle genre has become popular on Nintendo Switch, with massive successes like the Untitled Goose Game and Donut County keep players busy solving entertaining levels. Switch owners who want to test their skills and try out a puzzle game don’t have to spend a single penny as there are several available for free on […]

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Mosaic Chronicles is a beautiful story-driven puzzle game coming to Steam

Daniel Alvarez | August 19, 2021 Chronicles Mosaics presents two distinct captivating stories in one puzzle game. Indie studio Error300 Games has announced their new upcoming title, Chronicles Mosaics, a story-driven puzzle game in which players move and rotate stained glass windows to build mosaics. It comes […]

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Sci-Fi Puzzle Game ‘Monobot’ Gets Updates (and On Sale)

Indie game publisher Aoepuls has launched new updates for its sci-fi puzzle game, “Monobot” and the game is also on sale on Steam for a limited time. “Monobot” is a 2D physics-based puzzle platformer where players take control of Mono, a small robot caught in a dystopian world filled with enemies and dangers. Starting with […]

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Nokia’s classic Snake game becomes dungeon puzzle game

Don’t be fooled by this adorable snake: instead of ripping apple cores, it gobbles up entire people. Temple of Snek by Aetheric Games takes the classic Snake game and turns it into a dungeon with puzzles. We have this and more in Cool WIP, Polygon’s weekly roundup of eye-catching clips and screenshots of work in […]

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Fairy-tale puzzle game Tetragon is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Reading time: seven minutes Hello everyone! We are Cafundo Studio team and today we are going to tell you about Quadrilateral puzzle. We managed to combine a fascinating and touching story with a seemingly classic Rubik’s cube style puzzle game. The mechanics of the game is that we are allowed to rotate the world left […]

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Hidden picture puzzle game by Highlights for Children, Inc.

Enjoy the timeless, award-winning fun of Highlights’ world famous hidden picture puzzles! Drawing on years of research, our puzzle experts have strategically designed these discovery puzzles to provide significant benefits – and maximum enjoyment for everyone. Each Hidden Picture Scene is designed to challenge, delight, and motivate puzzles, while boosting attention to detail, focus, and […]